Fashion dictates what’s in the shops – But you dictate what’s in your wardrobe!

And here lies the problem! So much choice!

How would you really, really like to dress your body, everyday?
What would make you feel happy and confident?

What I notice in my own wardrobe as the  seasons roll by, and in listening to the wonderful women who sit with me while we delve into what works for them – is that 'story' looms large for each and every one of us!

Our internal commentary on everyday activities weaves a strong identity  that we hang on to for dear life – usually revolving around negative and unhelpful beliefs about not being good enough in some way.

And this spills out into our wardrobes, creating stumbling blocks where they needn’t be.  Judgemental thinking, the need to conform, to be a certain shape or size!


What story do you tell yourself about the clothes you think you should or shouldn't wear?
Would you like to change this to a fresh perspective?

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Here's a little exercise to try - all you need is 5 minutes, and maybe a pen and paper:
Pause for a moment, take a few breaths and settle into yourself.
Take a little time, and see if you can sense into what you would choose to wear if there were no limits (self imposed or not!).

What stories do you hear? I hope you found some helpful inspiration – but I wouldn’t be surprised if you draw a  blank.  Many of the women I work with have lost any connection with how they want to feel in their clothes – replaced by a series of fears and doubts:  I'm the wrong shape, I shouldn't be this size, if only I had . . . . . . . !

This is not really your own story - anything but! - it's external conditioning and judgements we take on - losing touch with the elements of ourselves that make us truly happy and confident.

So, what story are you telling yourself?
Would you like to start to change the way you think about your clothes and the way they serve you?
Are you ready to wake up your curiosity about what you would really love to wear?

Then come and play - let's sort through a 'dressing up box' of ideas together, and connect you to the wardrobe you desire! 

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