How to Wear Blue

As we move from Winter into Spring Navy is a great neutral for your wardrobe, and it’s a colour that everyone can wear. If you are light in colouring go for the lightest navy you can find.  On deep colouring go for a dark navy and mix with red, black or turquoise.  For those with warm colouring add another of this season’s colours - coral or yellow.  Cools look wonderful in a mix of blues so add two other shades of blue to your navy.  Those with clear colouring can do the Spring favourite mixture of navy and white or add one of you bright colours like hot pink.  And finally Soft or muted ladies could add camel, taupe or a soft pink.

Below I’ve picked an outfit in the best blue for each type of colouring.

How to wear blue - light colouring

The Light woman’s blue shouldn’t overpower her delicate colouring. I’d remove the black belt from this dress and add one in stone to match the shoes and jacket, or if you want to emphasise the waist a darker blue.

How to wear blue for deep colouring

The Deep woman can wear dark navy and mix it with black or other strong dark colours like a pine green or red.

How to wear blue - warm colouring

Blue isn’t a warm's best colour although this aqua shade looks great mixed with tan, coral and taupe.

How to wear blue - cool colouring

Blue is your colour so rejoice in the fact that you will have plenty of options this Spring. Navy and a soft white or light beige is so elegant, but equally a mix of shades of blue such as sky blue, royal blue and a light icy blue would look fantastic.

blue-clearHow to wear blue - clear colouring

Your blues are clear and bright and look good mixed with a contrast like the piping on this dress and with black. Or go for a strong dark shade of blue with a light icy blue.

How to wear blue - soft colouring

Your blue is soft almost as if it has been out in the sun and faded to a gorgeous muted tone. If you wear navy try and go for a light navy rather than a deep strong one and mix it with softer colours close to the face like the outfit above.