How to Wear Red

There is a lot of red about at the moment, but I know it can be quite a scary colour if you aren’t sure whether it suits you, or how to wear it.  After all red does say “here I am look at me”!  But the good news is, as with most colours, there is a red for you. You just need to know which one and how to mix it with other colours.  Do you need a LRD (little red dress) in your capsule wardrobe for the days when you want to set the world on fire! Reds this season range from bright scarlet to muted rose and everything in between, as well as going into orangey tones and coral.

How to wear light colouring

The light coloured woman can look fantastic in red but stick to accessories in a light tone, never black.

How to wear light colouring

For the woman with deep colouring, mix with black or other strong dark colours for real drama.

How to wear cool colouring

If you are cool in colouring go for silver grey, navy or stone with your red. As red is generally considered a warm colour make sure yours has no hint of orange in it, look for more of a rose or blue red.

How to wear warm colouring

Despite what many people think those with red hair CAN wear red!  Look for orangey or brick reds and keep the accessories warm in tan or rust too. Avoid pairing your red with black or navy.

How to wear clear colouring

Contrast and vibrancy is what works on the clear or bright coloured woman.  Pair with white or stone and make sure your red is vivid in colour, like lipstick or scarlet.

How to wear red for soft colouring

Those with muted or soft colouring need to avoid too much contrast, so go for reds that look like they have faded in the sun and accessories that create a blended look, like taupe.