Your Make-up Lesson

Your Make-up Lesson - learn to love make-up

The right amount, in the right place, in the right shade
can elevate your whole look to a new level!

Never underestimate the power of make-up to help you feel more self-confidant. With the right tools, and simple techniques, anyone can be their own make-up artist and achieve beautiful results.

Whether you're a complete beginner, or have been stuck in the same routine for years, a make-up lesson will give you the time to discover how to make the most of your best features, and find the answers to questions you've always wanted to  ask.

Keep up to date with expert advice
Find your authentic make-up style - still look like you, with just a little more 'polish'
Discover the right shades and textures to flatter your natural colouring
Step by step guidance to refine and add to your skills
From an easy day time look - to a bit more glamour for any occasion

Bring your own make-up bag and we'll sort out what's working well for you, and identify what you need to help you complete your new look.

Make-up Lesson
Price: £65
Duration: 2 hours
Includes: Personalised beauty worksheet + your perfect lipstick

"I went off to my meeting last night wearing the right lipstick and felt great even though I was tired. It really works!!
(The eye make-up was fab)"

"Thank you so much for your excellent make up lesson today. You were very generous with your time and attention and I certainly learned a lot from you.
It was a really enjoyable morning, and lovely to have such personal attention."

"I am full of resolve to follow your careful instructions!"