I'm experienced in the traditional disciplines of colour analysis, style guidance and make-up advice, and have a natural eye for colour and harmony. 

My background in aromatherapy and all things holistic  led to the discovery of Fashion Feng Shui®  - an inspiring way to honour your true essence in the way you dress (read more here).

The perfect approach to match how you feel on the inside, with how you look on the outside. 

"Something that seems like an obstacle usually isn't."  
Cindi Leive - Editor in Chief - Glamour Magazine

If only it were that simple?

Hello gorgeous, and welcome!

My name is Sharon and I'm an image professional - a multi award winning, fully trained Colour Me Beautiful stylist and Fashion Feng Shui®  facilitator.

I get a thrill every time  my clients 'light up' when they see themselves with their new look!



Would you like to start to change the way you think about your clothes
and the way they serve you?

Are you ready to wake up
your curiosity about what you would really like to wear?

Then come and play - let's sort through a 'dressing up box'
of ideas together, and connect you to the wardrobe you
What would you like to change first?